Vacation Success


Well I made it through my first vacation on my diet and it was fairly successful.  Did I track everything that I ate on myfitnesspal?  nope, not at all… did I work out a ton, nope…  But I tried without stressing myself out and I did pretty well on my own.

The first day I was there the first thing that I did was look for a gym, surprisingly enough there weren’t many to choose from in the area, and none of them seemed to have a guest pass.  So I found a free 3 day pass for LA fitness figured I would pop in try the three days and then do the Jillian Michaels DVD that i brought the rest of the days.  I knew I was going to have to sit through a schpeal about how great the gym was, but this was insane.  I swear the guy talked to me for an hour, and tried to sell me on every ammenity that they have to offer.  Of course he realized I didn’t live in Pheonix so they would only let me use the gym for 2 days, but I guess 2 is better than none, but I only ended up being able to make it the one time.

The next two days I did the Jillian Michaels DVDS.  Did i mention that it was freaking hard.  The video I brought was Burn Fat, Boost Matabolism which is 40 minutes worth of cardio with kick boxing and all kinds of stuff.  I brought that one because it was the only one that didn’t need hand weights or a mat.  I was kind of skeptical, but I was exhausted and super sore the next day.

After those three days Brandi was done working for the week so i decided not to worry about my work out and just hang out with her, we ended up going to an amazing vegan restaurant called Green.  It was sooo good, I don’t know why i didn’t take a picture of anything we got there.  We also went to a vegan ice cream place called Tsoynami that was vegan soft serve.  I got what was called the “betterfinger” which was chik-o-sticks and chocolate chips..


One of the days when I was driving around while Brandi was at work I drove past a waffle house… That brought back family road trip memories when I was a kid and I kind of had to go.  But I remember it being way better than it was.  I went all out, I got my hashbrowns “scattered, smothered, covered and peppered” which means covered in cheese, with onions and jalapenos cooked on the grill.


Also since I have been enjoying cooking so much lately I decided to make Brandi and I something good for us so I surprised her with vegan mexican stuffed peppers.  Brown rice, tons of veggies, a field roast chipotle sausage broken up, and spices, and topped with salsa and guacamole (which Brandi made!).


Probably one of the most fun things we did was go to a place called Jump Street.  It is basicly a place full of trampolines and you just pay by the hour to jump… They also had a giant foam pit and some inflatable things too.  I didn’t expect it to be such a work out. When we walked in at first we didn’t think an hour would be enough but we were exhausted after our hour.  We were all super excited to go into the foam pit, but let me tell you.  It is wayyyy harder than it looks.  It is so hard to get out of that pit it was exhausting, once you jumped into it you sank to the bottom and had to dig and crawl your way out.  We only did it twice and had enough.




 So what were the results.  I lost one pound.  I am not going to lie, I was super nervous to get on the scale and see what happened, I figured I would have gained some back since I wasn’t tracking my food to make sure i stayed within my 1260-1300 calories.  What did help was that I didn’t drink the whole trip, that definetly saves some calories.  I mean honestly I don’t really miss drinking so it wasn’t a big deal, but skipping on a cocktail or two definetly helps.  I am happy I still lost something because honestly I didn’t really try that hard, I only worked out 3 out of 7 days and ate pretty much what I wanted to.   I also started tracking my measurments about 3 weeks ago and since then I have lost 2 inches from my hips, 1.5 inches from my waist, and 1 inch from my neck.

myspace mirror pose…

Who else helped me get through my trip without killing my diet,  Jake of course… We facetimed like everyday, I am sure everyone was like ughh there she goes again, but what I can I say, I missed the guy.  And he is my big motivator.  He didn’t give me a hard time for not being super strict on myself, just kinda kept me going.  I tried to sneak a picture of him on facetime and all I could get was this, then I gave up.

no pictures please

All and all it was a great trip.  the weather was good, I got to relax and I got to see a great friend that I have missed for over a year and the bonus was I still lost a little something hehe.  Now back to normal life


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