The true test… My diet and still having fun on vacation

So right now I am on a plane heading to Phoenix to visit my good friend Brandi. She moved out to Phoenix a year ago and I haven’t been able to get out there to see her since then.

Luckily Brandi is a pretty healthy eater so I don’t think I am up for too much of a challenge keeping up the way I have been eating but I am also not planning on beating myself up if I have a few splurges here and there. The world won’t fall apart if I have a little fun, at least I don’t think it will hehe.

Brandi has to work a few days that I am there so I am hoping to find a gym out there that offers day passes so I can work out while she is at work. I also brought along a Jillian Michaels DVD just in case. I only had one DVD that didn’t need a mat and hand weights so I was a little limited with what I could pack. But I think Brandi and I are going to do the video a couple of times anyway.

This morning since I (of course) wait until the last minute to pack and color my hair etc. I didn’t have enough time to go to the gym so I did the 30 day shred DVD that I bought last week…. Let me tell you, that video was only twenty minutes and it had me panting like I just ran two or so miles. I was pretty surprised. The moves are pretty simple and basic, but the way she combines them I can definitely see the DVDs working and almost living up to the promises, I did like how she even said on the video that if she is making big promises then we cant take breaks and have to do it like she says or it won’t work. It’s kind of nice to have something like that be in touch with reality. Honestly I wouldn’t just do that but I would probably make it an add on to what I am already doing some of the days that I have extra time.

Speaking of work-out DVDs…. Monday I went to Jake’s house after he was done wrestling practice and the crazy man made me do P90x abs. I can see how it works. And it was hard. But honestly it was more hard on my tailbone. It really wasn’t that my abs hurt from the extreme workout it was that my poor tailbone hurt from having pressure on it for 15 minutes straight. I can’t be the only girl that has this problem. I don’t even think a double thick mat would help. So I will let Jake keep doing the P90x and I will stick with doing abs on my stability ball and a few floor moves much more comfy and should be just as effective. We will see I suppose.


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