very slowly creeping up to 20 pounds

So I yesterday I made it to 18 pounds gone.  If you noticed I hit 15 on March 7th.. that means it took me 19 days to lose 3 pounds, which is driving me crazy.  I read all these things about how you can lose safely 2-3 pounds a week, and I am only losing about 1 pound per week.

I guess it is usually easier for people in my situation because most of the time it is a combination of diet AND excercise.  And usually if you change both the weight just starts falling off.  In my situation I already eat pretty damn healthy.  I have been tracking my calorie intake since I started and its not even hard for me to stay within my aloted calories, and I am always below my recommended fat and carbs, and over on my fiber… The only thing I have trouble with is my protein.  Which i am getting better at.  Myfitnesspal recomends I eat 51 on days I don’t work out and 91 on days that I do.  I usually get in the 40-50 grams range everyday.  I spoke to a nutritionist and she said that it was totally fine, and that 91 grams is a lot…..




That is a typical lunch for me.  avacado, quinoa and tomato… or something like that.  My fridge is stocked with fruits and vegetables.  I pretty much drink nothing but water, and if I do drink something else it is either coconut water, or my favorite Santa Cruz organic peach lemonade diluted in half with water…

I haven’t eatten fast food in ages, well except for that one small shamrock shake but come on, that is only once a year! gotta get it in lol.

So I am left with working out, which I do A LOT.  I have been increasing the intensity I do usually at least 20-30 minutes of abs and free weights at home, and then when i go to the gym I do at least an hour of cardio where i do a mixture of running, power walking on a high incline, and the eliptical 6 times a week.  But its still only taking away one pound a week.

You are probably wondering why I do the weights and the abs at home… its because I go to a meathead gym.. you try getting on an arm or ab machine at a meathead gym, good luck, there is a line.  I know that sounds like an excuse but really, its kinda crazy I think none of them have jobs and are just there all day everyday.  In April a new Planet Fitness is opening near my house which is going to be huge.  I am hoping I will have better luck with the weight machines there and can start really doing a ton of strength training as well.  Hopefully that is what I need.

I mean don’t get me wrong, getting a 20 pound weight loss is a pretty good feat but I just wish there was more I could do to get that number moving a little more quickly.



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2 responses to “very slowly creeping up to 20 pounds

  1. tiffne

    i love reading your journey on your weight loss. do you love myfitnesspal? i’m thinking about using it more consistently and just wondering if it’s been a lifesaver for you.

    • Thank you so much!
      I think myfitnesspal is awesome when you really use it all the time. I like that you can have friends on there and that it’s like fitness Facebook so you can cheer each other on. I use it not so much as a calorie counter anymore just because I don’t struggle with staying under but to keep track of my vitamins and stuff. It really helped me realize how little calcium And iron I was taking in and now I take supplements to help bring those numbers up.

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