Why I won’t eat artificial sugars

I suppose I should start this post by talking about my background. When I was putting myself through hair school I worked at Whole Foods Market (WFM). One of this things that happens when you work there is you learn about how horrible artificial ingredients are. ( some I guess would say slightly brainwashed, eh)

I always knew about aspartame and saccharin but Splenda was newer to the market when I started at WFM. I am sure I don’t need to tell you about the dangers of aspartame of saccharin but since it is still being put in products, I guess not everyone cares. Aspartame has been linked to neurological disorders like ms, lupus, and fibromyalgia. Saccharin was shown to damage cells and be a carcinogen. What freaks me out the most about saccharin, also known as sweet and low is that it is a common practice among hair stylists to mix a packet or two with permanent hair color if a client is sensitive to it. The fact that there is something in there that can prevent hair color from aggravating a person’s scalp makes me never want to ingest it!

What I wanted to talk about mostly is Sucralose, sold under the brand Splenda. Splenda was discovered in 1976 when a British scientist was trying to make a new pesticide (yum). Many people think that Splenda is natural because all the advertising says that it is made from sugar. While that may be true, it goes through a lot of science to get to what it is today. Now for the ultra science geeks Splenda is produced when three hydroxyl groups are removed from the sugar molecule and replaced with chlorine. That’s right chlorine. Horrible right?

Some “industry experts” say that this new compound is close to table salt and sugar but researchers area saying it is definitely more closely related to pesticides. This is because the bonds holding the chlorine molecules together are more characteristic of chlorocarbon which is what most pesticides are.

Some people say that just because a product has chlorine in it doesn’t mean that it is toxic. While this could be true. And for many people eating Splenda the body does not recognize the substance once it is in the gut (maybe only 15%) which is why it has no calories. But the reality is that when your body tries to remove something that is unrecognizable it attempts to digest it. So
the healthier your body is the more you will most likely absorb of the chlorine. Splenda is too new for us to know the long term effects of it, so do you really want to be a part of this giant experiment? Not I.

Sucralose’s side effects are vast. Splenda’s own studies showed that it caused a shrunken Thymus gland, enlarged livers, and kidney disorders in lab rats. But the FDA agreed to let it slide because these effects were in lab rats not humans, but the largest test group on humans was only 128 people. That is not enough to see these issues.

Splenda is a known migraine trigger, can cause skin rashes, stomach pain, diarrhea, bladder issues, panic like agitation, intestinal issues, muscle aches, intestinal cramping, and it also reduces the flora in the gut.

How does Splenda sound now?

There are a lot of natural sweeteners that have less calories that sugar. Try stevia a sweetener made from the stevia leaf. Or agave nectar is another great sweetener that is low glycemic and low calorie that comes from a succulent plant. Maltitol, sorbitol, or xylitol are sugar alcohols and are also suitable for diabetics and people watching their sugar levels.

With all these alternatives why would you want to consume something made in a lab with a bunch of chemicals? I realize it is harder to find the natural sweeteners in foods that we want, like diet sodas, tea, candy,etc but this is where we can speak with our dollar. Companies only make what sells so if we start gravitating away from the chemicals and more towards the natural products those companies will start incorporating more into their products.



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12 responses to “Why I won’t eat artificial sugars

  1. I used to be a huge Splenda and Sweet N Low junkie but I’d get the worse headaches. I’m a huge fan of Stevia in the Raw (for baking) and Truvia for my coffee, etc. I’ve never tried the sugar alcohols but I’ve read that they can upset your stomach if you consume them in larger quantities.

    • I have heard that from a few and sorbitol can have laxitive effects. But moderation is the secret to almost everything, especially sugar and sweet stuff. Even tho its hard lol. I know its hard for me! My favorite is agave nectar.

  2. I am glad people are becoming aware of the dangers of the artificial sugars. And guess what the research I have done shows it helps you add weight not lose it. i also wrote on sugars, but about Stevia which is safe but be careful for the FDA trying to be fair I guess to the Artificial sweeteners allowed Coco Cola do release Trivia which is not Stevia. It is not from the whole plant. Stevia is made by Green Leaf. It and Swanson have the full plant extract. Coco Cola uses Erythritol a new unknown product extract from part of the plant. Coco Cola’s Trivia and their Vitamin Water 10 and other products. Not good on the gut.

    • i totally agree, all these diet products don’t help you lose weight, and have been shown to make it worse. I refuse to drink or eat products with that stuff in it. It is scary the effects that it has on the body. I wish more people would realize it tho, it is too popular.

      • Yes Kristinjackson,
        After I did my research and found out what I did, I wrote what I found out to inform my neighbor and some friends about what i found. The next thing I was finding out so much I did the blog. To tell others of the poisons that are in our food and how to avoid them.

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    Reblogging this post because it is important…

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    This is so important for people to read. I used to drink so much Diet Coke and Coke Zero because it was zero calories. However, I realized it was silly for me to get healthy and still be ingesting so many unhealthy chemicals!

  6. And felt less like a Zombie. Or at least I did my brain started working after the fog cleared.

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