Maybe if I mix the things I don’t like together, they will taste good?

So this morning I woke up with a new plan, try to get yogurt in my belly.  I know its good for me, in fact I have been drinking Bio-K+ rice but at almost $50 for only 12 it is killing my budget.  The other day while I was searching the internet for new recipies I found someone mention that they mix protein powder with greek yogurt and some sweetener and use it as a fruit dip.  So I figured I would try it out.

So last night I grabbed a small container of Fage 0% fat greek yogurt and mixed half the container with Vega Sport Chocolate Performance Protein Powder and a few squirts (no i didn’t measure sorry) of Mudhava Vanilla flavored Agave Nectar.  I dipped some strawberries in it and honestly, it wasn’t too bad.  You could taste the protein powder a little bit, and i wish it was a little more chocolate-y but it totally covered up that icky yogurt taste that i hate.  Mission accomplished and I got over 30 grams of protein for breakfast which is a feat for me!

I think I can do it!

Later I headed to the gym and I took only half of the Pre-work out Energizer and I didn’t get the same uncomfortable high that I had yesterday, which was definetly better.  I also took my own advice and mixed it in the shaker cup lol.  I definetly think it gave me a more controlled amount of energy this time which I liked

I have to admit I was tired today, I slept crappy last night after my buzz, and got up super early too see Jake off and then was wide awake.  I did my normal hour of cardio.  Halfway through I dumped a Electrolyte Hydrator in what was left of my water.  It had the lemon lime flavor, it said to mix it in 8 ounces of water, which I did, but I think I would prefer it watered down more.  I can see this being a good replacement for people that are hooked to gatorade, it definetly had a lot of sweetness and flavor for being a little packet, but it was a little to strong for my likeing but it definetly did the job. and that can be easily fixed by adding a little more water to the mix.  After the cardio I squeezed in some arm strength training and I am thinking about doing my 30 minute DVD for my stability ball, because well why not… today was a day off from work, so i might as well make the most of it.


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