I did it, I lost 15 pounds.

So today I finally hit the official 15 pound mark, which is kinda awesome.  Hopefully things will keep going, I’m not going to say as easily.. but just that I hope it will keep going.  I read in article in one of Jake’s muscle magazines that people that are overweight once they loose about 15 pounds a hormone kicks in that makes you want to eat like crazy and typically gain a bunch back.  Of course they explained it in a much more professional manor, and had some science behind it, but thats the jist of it.  Hopefully my body never met that hormone because that is not another thing I want to battle with.

Today I took off from work so I went to the gym later than usual.  I have to admit I am eating healthier, taking vitamins, and working out a ton and my immune system is just getting worse and worse i think.  I am OCD about cleaning the work out equipment before i use them, wash my hands before i leave and I have gotten sick more times this year then ever. I still have some congestion hanging on, so I figured I would sleep in.  I got to the gym and a women that went to my first gym was there.  First thing she said was, “Kristin!  you look great!” second thing she said was too her friend, “She used to be BIG and now look at her working hard”  woah.  Maybe she needs to work on the peptalks.

Honestly I don’t think 15 pounds is that much in the scheme of where I am going, and really I don’t notice that big of a difference right now, but geez, she could have put it a different way, I didn’t know if I should have been bothered by it and I know she didn’t mean it like that but next time she should choose her words a little more wisely.

I took a half dose of the Pre-workout Energizer before I left, drank the Electrolyte Hydrator durning but this time I mixed more water so it was a lot better.


first half of my workout... not a bad 35 min?

The good part about going to the gym in the afternoon is that the gym is not as busy as it is when I normally have to go, I usually have to wait for an elliptical machine but today I got right on and did another half hour and burned another 460 calories.

When I came home I drank half a dose of the Recovery Accelerator which has a way better first impression than the pre-workout drink lol.  I don’t really notice anything, but it says it helps your immune system, and I am all for that right now.


I also decided that I would make my profile on myfitnesspal public.  You can see what I eat, how much I work out and you can scold me if I don’t do enough, or give me some cheering on too hehe.  So you can click here and check it out, http://www.myfitnesspal.com/kristinjacksonhair

Tonight I am heading to Philly to go see one of my favorite bands, Mindless self indulgence, then waking up early in the morning and heading right back up to Brooklyn to a full book at the salon on Thursday so I am going to miss the gym tomorrow which stinks but I will just have to wake up early and do more on Friday.



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2 responses to “I did it, I lost 15 pounds.

  1. Hey Congrtas!!! Nice work keep it up.

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